How to decorate a wall shelf kitchen ? Our 6 tips for adopting the trend of «open space»

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important room of the home, and it therefore deserves a special attention, especially in terms of decoration and arrangement. In recent years, a new idea has crept to the design of the piece greedy and do not cease to seduce us since. These include wall shelves, which have gradually replaced the cabinets traditional to impose the trend of open space. But how to make it work these past ? D. shows you how to decorate a shelf or kitchen with our six tips to remember ! So, are you ready to design a kitchen trend 2022 ? Follow us !

How to decorate a wall shelf kitchen ? Our 6 tips to remember !

As a general rule, we use the kitchen shelves to arrange the plates, bowls, jars, storage, and any other type of utensil. However, they bring a touch of deco developed can completely change the mood. Then, we need a decoration idea for shelf in kitchen ? The writing explains how you can succeed in this task that seems easy, but in fact, can become a real headache. Full fire on our tips to remember for any emergency !


Whether it’s to decorate the table for Christmas or for another occasion, buy couch cushions, or to adorn the mantle of the fireplace, choosing a color palette is without a doubt the first thing that comes to mind. Ditto for the decoration shelf kitchen. Given that the objects that are exposed will be in the sight of all, it’s better to choose colors that harmonize with each other. For example, the white, as well as the neutrals will never mislead you and they have an excellent point of departure.

However, the kitchen white or neutral, and it can become a little boring, this is a fact. For the embellishment fashion trend, incorporate a few touches of colour by opting for decorative objects or cups, bowls, etc., So, your open space will become even more user-friendly.

Vary the metals

Embed from various types of metal in the decoration of your kitchen shelves is a perfect way to boost overall. Think of the copper, brass and stainless steel are a bold combination. This mixture does not appeal to you ? Please do not hesitate to choose a metal to accentuate your décor in a subtle way.

Green plants and/or edible

How to decorate a shelf in the kitchen ? Then, in order to better succeed, it is important to incorporate a natural element. And there’s nothing like one of the many varieties of trailing plants inside that give style to it. Cultivation of aromatic plants in the kitchen to give life to the shelves is another option that makes the buzz for a few years.

How to decorate a bookshelf with objects deco ?

In the framework of decorating a shelf to the kitchen, the addition of decorative objects is almost inevitable. This is a work of art, candle holders, books, kitchen or simple wooden bowls, the elements of this kind are available literally to infinity to give an artistic touch and vital to every space.

Pretty jars of storage

The jars storage invite quite often on the shelves of the kitchen and therefore must have a look nice and modern. What’s more, these containers can easily integrate into the decor of the room in a gourmet, especially wood shelves. Opt for glass jars, hermetically sealed, and you arrange foods such as oats, flour, and rice. Take into account that there are also containers at a pace very artistic not to under-estimate.


Regardless of the style and the type of arrangement of your kitchen, additional lighting will definitely provide the final touches while making your wall shelves. Thus, you will be able to illuminate the dark corners of sophisticated way. Just as decorative objects above, the LED lighting is available in several forms in order to reply to everyone’s taste.

How to decorate a wall shelf kitchen without faux pas ? Mistakes to avoid!

The biggest mistake that you can commit with your wall shelves, kitchen regarding their maintenance. Given that they are open, theaccumulation of dust will be there waiting for you. So remember to clean them regularly using a cleaning agent suitable. Override deco by depositing multiple items on the shelves is another mistake that is common to avoid. What’s more, they are not usually designed to support a heavy weight, rather, their role is decorative.

In short, wall shelves, kitchen feature an incredible asset in the kitchen in favour of any emergency. In addition to imposing the trend of the open space and structure the decor, they offer a storage optimal, practical and effective!

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