How to select its tile to bathroom and create a harmonious space ? Our 5 tips !

Are you planning a large renovation or a small improvement of your bathroom ? Do you want to give it a kick of cool, with a major impact ? Then, the replacement of the tiles will probably be a very good idea especially if you want to associate it to a furniture bathroom 2022. But how do you create a space functional and pleasant without overloading it ? DV you reveals the 5 tips to consider in order to choose a tiled bathroom with no false steps and battery in the latest trends of interior decoration.

How to choose a tiled bathroom without faux pas ? Our 5 tips of pro to remember.

When it comes to choosing a floor tile for the bathroom, there are several tips to consider before taking the plunge. Could include color, texture, size, and more. To avoid the missteps and create a zen and modern, the writing comes to your sides to give you 5 tips to remember for any emergency when choosing a floor tile. Decryption.

Calculate the amount of tile

Before you start to choice and to purchase, it is important to first calculate the amount of tile you’ll need for your bathroom. It is better to calculate the amount separately, that is to say, start with the walls and then continue with the soil, as well as with the accent wall if you’re planning a. In fact, it is not at all a bad idea, as it allows us to delineate a particular space while bringing a touch of trend to the whole. During the calculation, also, decide if you prefer the tile half-height bathroom or any height.

Establish the budget

When you are aware of the amount needed, it is essential to determine the price range of the approximate wall tile and bathroom at the ground according to your own budget. Take into account that the tiles accent are generally more expensive than the wall tile and the floor. However, the amount that is required to create an accent wall is very low and you will definitely find a solution.

Select the type of tile bathroom

For our greatest happiness, the tiling for the shower room is available in a wide range of materials such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, natural stone, cement tiles and tile mosaic. Given that the floor of the bathroom is quite likely to become slippery when it is wet, it is recommended to choose a coating with a matt finish, in view of its good adhesion. Avoid the glass tiles for the floor at any price, because they are particularly slippery.

Ceramic and porcelain are among the choices of tile bathroom most popular for their durability and easy maintenance. These two types of coatings are available in matt, gloss and satin, as well as in a wide variety of designs and patterns. In contrast, terracotta, cement and natural stone are the least adopted because of their cellular nature and the necessity of periodic sealing.

Choose the size of the tiles

To reduce to a minimum cutting and wastage, it is recommended that you adjust the better size of your tiles to the floor and on the walls of your bathroom. It is better to opt for tiles small on the ground, as well, the number of grout increases, which offers a better resistance against slippage. The only drawback ? You will have more grout to clean.

Define the color palette

The choice of colours for the bathroom can become a real puzzle, it is a fact. To avoid this, it is recommended that you are well informed about the options available to you. To do this, please do not hesitate to consult the Canvas where ideas of tiles for the bathroom come literally to infinity. Thus, you will have a good color scheme in mind and you could select the tiles more easily on-site. Don’t hesitate to create a contrasting trend between the walls and the floor or match the shades. Consider also tile accent colored, textured or patterned in order to design a deco developed and stack in trends.

If you have a small space, it is always advisable to choose a tile of a lighter color to give the bathroom look more spacious. Think about wall tile in a glossy finish that reflects light and make the space more bright. For larger surfaces, you have plenty of choice in terms of colours, textures, associations and so on. Give free rein to your imagination and create a harmonious, bright, and on trend !

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