Painting bathroom 2022 : Here are what colors are in vogue !

If you are planning a major renovation or a small improvement of your bathroom, consider changing the color of the walls. This will add a refreshing snapshot with a major impact. So, if you have decided to replace the traditional tiles, here is our proposals paint bathroom 2022 trend that dress the room intimate in color. What are they ? Decryption !

Painting room bathroom 2022 : What are the color trend ?

After you have released the bathroom trend 2022, it’s time to pay special attention to the paint in vogue. We talked about colors and types of paints that you are going to find in the trade. The off-white, sophisticated, passing through the grey tones, to shades of green, we will show you the best options that will transform your bathroom into a haven of peace cocooning. Here’s how to do it !

Painting bathroom anthracite

Well, according to the designers, theyear 2022 will be definitely marked by 50 shades of grey. Hope that this is only for the color palette (or not ?!). Joke aside, you’ll find gray, cold, and more soft with shades of blue and brown, such as the raw and the paint bathroom anthracite.

The different shades of white

The adaptability and usability of the white, never cease to amaze us ! Each year, designers are discovering new aspects of this color is fantastic and we are really looking forward to implement as soon as possible. In 2022, the variations very sweet, discreet, and deaf white come under the spotlight, which is felt even in their names : Perfectly Pale, Baby’s Breath Pantone and Whisper White by Behr are just some of the good options.

What are shades of green trend ?

From 2022, we are embarking on a major transformation that blurs the boundaries between nature and the urban world. So if you have the possibility to add natural elements into your interior, go for it ! Otherwise, make this change possible thanks to the colors. The shades of the most popular are green Guacamole, olive green, Pantone, Laurel Tree from Behr and C V.

And the blue ?

The palette of blue is also very rich, as it reminds us of the sea, the waves and the sky. Here, we also find the key of the nature in current design trends. Choose between dark tones and deep as the Atlantic Blue of pm wgsn & Coloro, and clear blue as the Clear Sky of Pantone. Other options are the Wave to the Top and the After Rain by Behr, as well as the combination mysterious between the green and the blue, which brings us somewhere in the deep forests of the mountains.

Orange, brown, and red – which one to choose ?

The answer lies somewhere between the three basic colors. In 2022, they combine to have a successful paint bathroom trend that impresses with its depth, its softness and its truly unique look. So, if you are looking for an easy way to spruce up the interior design, opt for shades Mango sorbet, Lingonberry Punch, Nature, brown, Pink or tan.

How to choose a paint bathroom 2022 ?

You are looking for a paint bathroom leacher ? (Attention ! It is necessary to make the difference between paint and washable washable !). It is the second that you need to use it in the bathroom and you will find it under the label of ‘ paint the kitchen and bathroom «.

If you are not sure of the color to choose for your bathroom, the best place to start is the floor. By choosing colours of walls that are aligned with the tiles, you will create an ambience amazing and relaxing. The best advice that we can give you here is to take a few samples and try them with you, because the presence or absence of natural light can completely change the color. The same rule is valid for the different types of lighting.

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