That is what awaits us all in the big bathroom trends to 2022 ? Here are 6 new titles to consider

The trends are changing and with them, the decoration and the layout of the house. Our habitats have undergone major changes in recent years, adapting to the circumstances of the moment. In this spirit, the spaces will continue to evolve and advance some of the major currents decor that are already present for 2021. If you are planning to renovate your interior design, the bathroom trend of your dreams, you’re at the right place. This article will focus on some of the key bathroom trends for 2022, to be considered absolutely to give an air of modern to your space.

1.The eclectic style captured the decor of the bathroom 2022

Why stick to a single style deco ? Spaces eclectic will continue to be a trend lighthouse in terms of the design of the bathroom. An art in itself, eclecticism allows you to combine influences from different periods, so that the history is preserved in the individual elements. Depending on the personal taste, there are a multitude of combinations are possible. For example, we can associate a bathroom furniture modern vintage pieces, to marry the texture minimalist and retro motifs, combining technology with craftsmanship, and so on.

Such an approach allows not to do a complete renovation of the bathroom for the update. However, you can simply replace a few pieces of furniture or deco elements art, available in different styles, in harmony with your tastes and existing décor.

2.The organic design and natural

The concepts are inspired by nature will go a lot further in 2022. The materials are natural and durable shall prevail as one of the major trends in bathroom throughout the year. The wood will be as a main protagonist that will have a direct influence on the design of the furniture, walls, floors, and for decoration in general. The rise of the craft will also be remarkable. All this reminds one of the «hand-made» will find a place in the bathroom of the year 2022.

3.The era of wellness in the contemporary bathroom

These days, the bathroom rhyme with room well ! Next to layout and design, it adopts an approach that is more intimate and personal than ever before. Certainly, the influence minimalist persists always, but this time, it feels a predilection for the warmer colors. Thus, the minimalism warm will have its word to say ! In order to adopt it in you, do not hesitate to draw inspiration from in the style Japandi or Wabi Sabi by opting for neutral tones, sweet and earthy like beige, cream and light brown. Choose props and decor matched to create an environment that is relaxing and welcoming.

4.The Italian shower

Whether a small or a large volume of the latest trends in bathroom 2022 are looking for a feeling of space and zero congestion. In this order of idea, shower trays custom-made and almost invisible, are the best solution to create a walk-in shower that blends harmoniously into its environment.

If you prefer a bath tub or a combination tub and shower, new trends have something to offer to you too. The bathtub is a safe value in the contemporary bathroom. This year, the geometric shapes and elegant are the must have absolute order to instil a sense of luxury and timelessness to your bathroom.

5.The Neo Art Deco : one of the major trends bathroom 2022

The interior design and architecture marked by the curved lines will continue to be very present in 2022 and they will gain the same strength. This trend is a new take on the Art deco style lavish 20 years, with its vibrant colors, curves, exaggerated, arches and linear motifs. The Neo Art Deco, meanwhile, we offer versions a lot more quiet, marked by bright colors and pastel shades.

The furniture and objects of decoration, with feathered edges are welcome to complete the set, while adding a romantic touch to the spaces. Furniture, tiles, mirrors, bowls and basins – the designers offer you plenty of choice to imagine and create in your bathroom, Neo Art Deco of your dreams.

6.Natural stone and marble have the wind in its sails

The wall tile large format will continue to be a major trend in the interior decoration 2022 and, therefore, their dominance will be felt strongly in the bathrooms more stylish. The luxury and sophistication come to life thanks to the natural stone and marble that are welcome as well on the walls as on the grounds.

While choosing, take into account that today there are technical materials that transmit perfectly the elegance of natural stone while offering additional benefits such as a greater lightness, adaptability, antibacterial treatment, ease of repair, a non-slip surface etc, Do thorough research to ensure you find the furniture and equipment that suit you the best and which are perfectly in unison with the latest trends in design and technology.

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