What plant is green for the bathroom ? 6 decorating ideas vegetable cleanup

You may think that the bathroom and the living plants are more or less incompatible, but this article will make you change your mind. There are, in fact, of the species that adapt quickly to the micro-climate of the room of water with fluctuating temperatures, constant moisture and a lot (or very little) of the sun. So, what plant is green for the bathroom ? Keep reading to find the one that suits your interior. In addition, it is a major trend in the interior design 2022, then it deserves your attention ! Go for it !

How to choose a green plant to the bathroom ?

A general rule when choosing a green plant to the room the more humid your home is to build on the tropical species that are adapted to these conditions. After this, it is necessary to take into account the light and the temperature. Are there any windows in your bathroom?

Green plant, a bathroom is well-lit

Well, that’s easy. Most tropical plants can live near your window, so, you have a wide choice. Just check if they can bear the direct light of the sun or not. Thus, among all the species that you can find in the fleuristeries, we chose 3. You might be surprised, but there are tendencies, even in the field of flowers, then find out who they are.

Calathea orbifolia

With its leaves, oversized, the Calathea orbifolia is a beautiful choice for your natural decoration. To be in his best form, this plant needs high humidity, so we can say that the bathroom is its natural habitat in the urban areas. Just be sure to plant it in a well-drained substrate.

Aglaonema osaka

With its leaves, white-green, the Aglaonema osaka is able to illuminate any interior space, but it is especially beautiful in the style bathrooms minimalist or scandinavian. As you want to put it in a place that is very humid, you will need to water it from time to time, when the ground is sec. Keep the Aglaonema white in a sunny place, but not directly under the light of the sun.

Adiantum raddianum

To cultivate the Adiantum raddianum successfully, you must replicate its natural environment. It is often found in the cracks of the rocks, especially near the falls of water, where the moisture comes from the runoff constant of water. This means that it grows best in a bathroom wet. Grow your fern maidenhair in a well-lit area, away from draughts and radiators.

Green plant for a bathroom without a window

If you want to green up a small bathroom with no windows, there are some species that can help you succeed in this task. Yes, even if you have a small room with no natural light, you can adopt the style biophilic trend. In this case, the lighting is very great importance. To create the right conditions for your small bathroom-green, you need to invest in light bulbs full spectrum. They are just a little bit more expensive than regular light bulbs.

Pilea peperomioides

The Pilea Peperomioides is quickly become a trend botanical world, and with good reason. It is very easy to maintain and less demanding in terms of soil and light. It will still be useful to use light bulbs full spectrum to have the green plant in all its glory. Find more information on the maintenance of the » plant pancake » in our article on the topic.

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