Cabinet bathroom 2022 : Our top 5 to give new life to your bathroom !

The bathroom plays a major role in the interior design of your home. In fact, this space, like the other parts of the house must be arranged in the most appropriate way for your well-being. Functional and stylish are the words with different ideas according to your preferences. In 2022, you’ll see, the simplicity and minimalism will always be updates, with a focus on the functional aspect. Share with you for the first time, our ideas of bathroom cabinet 2022 that could be of interest to you at the highest point if you want to stay in trend with a bathroom which is both elegant and modern.

What bathroom cabinet 2022 is for you ?

Timeless, and yet so on trend : the wood never ceases to seduce her in the bathroom. For an aesthetic that is very stylish, opt for a bathroom biophilic that will be the trend for the next year. This year, more than ever, we dream of a bathroom cocooning that would keep its functionality. To do this, we’ve put together a list of furniture quite minimalist, which are combined perfectly in settings that evoke nature. Here are 5 specially for you !

Still the mirror

The mirror is an essential element of the bathroom from the practical point of view and aesthetic. In 2022, the large mirrors rectangular will have the wind in its sails. On the one hand, because they make the room larger and brighter, on the other hand, for their functional side that makes daily life easier. For a bit more originality, why not choose one with a gold surface ? Depending on the size of your room, you can opt for the two mirrors similar at any point. Finally, our council : the executive, simple is the safe bet, don’t get lost !

The renewal of the wood as a bathroom cabinet 2022

Cozy, timeless and authentic, the wood will dress our furniture bathroom to make it even more likely in 2022. In fact, the natural materials worn by the benefits of biophilic design, invade more and more of this room of the house. They bring us a surplus of serenity. Our greatest happiness.

The packaging of our beauty products are very often elements of interior design alone. Why, then lock them in closets or drawers ? The lockers in wood are made for you ! In addition, very functional, you can dispose of it, or you would like, but especially in the sight of all the world, that is the idea ! You will see, they will beautify your bathroom.

The mat is his bed

Don’t laugh ! In the same way as the shower curtain or towels, the carpet, the bathroom has become over time an element of the deco trend that has extreme importance in the interior. In 2022, he will not depart from the rule and, who knows, give a second breath to your bathroom that can give may be some signs of fatigue.

The carpet animal skin has been in turmoil in recent months, however if you have some reservations, choose a carpet original that will bring cheerfulness to your room. In any case, replace yours because the change that’s good for you !

The island bath

A spa at home how would you like ? This is not in contradiction with the decoration minimalist style, because the idea in the bathroom trend 2022 here is to opt for toddlers storage space putting completely worth your bathtub in the center of the room

If you have a lot of space, don’t deprive yourself to add a shower, install, ideally behind a wall. For more small space, don’t worry. In fact, there is a common misconception that it is impossible to put a bathtub in a bathroom cramped. This is a misconception : you can of course afford to do that by being very meticulous in the organisation of your space. Believe us !

A bench cozy cozy

When the bathroom is large enough, we don’t hesitate for a second to install a bench that will highlight the best they can with the warm character of the piece. Here, for example, a wooden bench, dressed in a few cushions, and fades into the background. A lovely blue hue of zen, it will give a beautiful look to the room and will allow children to sit or adults to meditate a little.

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