Deco living room gray and blue even in the fall / winter ? Here’s how to make it work !

In the fall and winter, we are moving towards the warm colours in a desperate attempt to compensate for the cold, and the scenery dull all around. This feature is clearly visible in the choice of our clothes, but also in the skin of our interiors. You’re fed up of brown, beige and all shades of ochre imaginable that seem to be everywhere ? Then, we propose an overview on the deco living room gray and blue that’s fresh and somewhat surprising. Change a little cameo with our artistic proposals !

The paint color wall deco living room gray and blue

When we talk about deco living room gray and blue, there are normally two contrasting situations that are quite common. The more often, it has a wall painting neutral in the range of gray and upholstered furniture upholstery fabric blue, which are superimposed on the merits careful to get them out in front. Of course, this approach is foolproof to highlight its beautiful sofa in indigo blue, sapphire, or cobalt.

Blue on grey or white on blue ?

The idea, however, the opposite is equally effective while offering the important advantage of surprise. It is the choice of a painting bold which will play the role of drama in the show that is your living room. Thus, your set of sofa and chairs in a light grey fabric will have a decorative value more important and will enhance the style of the whole room with the most social of your home.

Keep in mind that the murals in the range blue dark works better as an accent on a single wall. Similarly, make sure that there are enough sources of light in the room and balance the palette with light colors. Finally, add a few details » hot » to not run the risk of end badly with an inner unwelcoming and dreary, or even completely sterile.

The furniture is of paramount importance

Then, as you can imagine, the pieces of furniture are the other major axis in deco living room gray and blue. We have already mentioned the possibility of choosing a contrasting color to the background, but there are other options to not be underestimated. For example, you can opt for the technical grey-on-grey, provided that you are more daring, with the other objects of decoration and finishing touches.

Idea deco living room gray and blue accents cozy

Another approach is simply genius is to put all of the furniture in warm and cool tones of auxiliary elements with textures comforting. The only condition here is to install on a background more or less modest in order not to overload the space. The leather-brown, solid wood, textile fibres-natural are only a few of the right materials that you can use to avoid the atmosphere frigid.

By the way, the metal-effect brass, bronze, or gold has the same warming effect as the textures mentioned above and it is better to give preference compared to stainless steel, for example. A couple of wall sconces or lamps, a coffee table, metal or mirror sun Starburst on a wall are very good alternatives for those who want to add these metals to finish tricky to its deco living room gray and blue.

The combination of grey and wood in the decor of the stay

Do you like the living rooms presented, but you are not yet convinced that the deco living room gray and blue is your gender ? No problem, there are alternatives to magic that are at the same time less drastic in their choice of colours. What would you say of the deco living room gray and wood ? These are some of the evidence in the images that this marriage is actually a really good idea …

Minimalist approach and the marriage of contrasting textures

What is your opinion on this furniture, more or less, a minimalist, and the agreement of materials of very different natures ? We must admit that the gray sofa with modern design looks great in the corner of the apartment of an architect ! But it is the panelling wood wall that carries over into the ceiling, which is the piece-de-resistance of this design is not it ? And the ribbons LED integrated reinforce that feeling

It is noted that the cooperation between white, anthracite grey and light wood has become a true classic in regards to the layout and decoration of the contemporary interior. And with good reason ! We can even say that, in some designs, shades darker of grey have finally dethroned the black franc to soften the entire look of the pieces and make them more hospitable.

Finally, we could not forget to mention another timeless classic – the marriage of grey and white. Always, when we are full of details and richly textured, the design results in an attractive and well-balanced. What do you think : decor room grey and blue, living room grey warmed up by wood, or a room that is dominated by white with touches of gray here and there ?

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