Deco living room gray and white cocooning : How to adopt the trend is scandinavian, combined with the minimalism ?

We all know that black and white are a classic combination, but the contrast is too strong for the interior decoration, especially if you want to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere of scandinavian style or japandi. In this situation, the best solution is the color grey a neutral color is made out of a mixture of black and white. Both modern and charming, calm and soothing or vivid and energetic, this basic colour suits a myriad of styles. In addition, it is ideal to bring out your colourful accessories. So, without further ado, we present to you the ideas that are simple, but effective, to succeed deco living room gray and white cocooning.

Bet on the deco living room gray and white cocooning to succeed in a zen atmosphere and cozy !

Gray can create an atmosphere that is warm as well as a cold ambiance. On one side, it can be used as a base color in the decor of the living room by painting the walls or in retapissant the couch. But on the other hand, you can bet on the total look in grey and white. It is without a doubt a flattering look that will help you to create a little world cozy, zen and stylish in your home. Here is, what are the key elements with which you can transform your home.

What shades of grey and white, choose to decorate the living room ?

When we speak of interior design, you well know that the combination gray and white is a winning duo that is no longer confined to the dull. In fact, it is just the opposite ! In recent years, it has become a true trend in interior design that offers a warm welcome to you and your guests. But what shades to choose ? This is not always a decision easier. Pearl grey, silver grey, taupe grey, mouse grey and charcoal grey are just some of the options among which you can choose. As for white, you can opt for alabaster, ivory, white linen, white, silver, cream white, white milk, or even the color vanilla.

What shade of white you choose ?

White may be the paint colour neutral the most common, but this does not mean that it has to be boring. The right shade of paint can have a big impact in any room. Then, it is necessary to choose with caution. After all, all the white people are not exactly the same. Each shade provides a unique note, which often becomes more apparent once it is applied on the wall.

Choosing the right shade of white should be granted with the exposure of your living room. The sweet white based yellow, enhance a room facing north, whereas the white cooler are ideal for parts that are oriented to the east.

What shade of gray to choose ?

The choice of a grey tone for your living-room should not be under-estimated. Some people think that gray is a synonym of coldness, but if it is chosen wisely, it can bring warmth, even in a small living room. To do that, you need to consider grey with a hint of brown or green rather than blue. The latter, has the ability to give the impression of a barren room. Also, remember to opt for darker colors that will «indulge» your interior space, making it a more welcoming and intimate.

How to combine ?

To ensure that you choose the right colors, specifically adapted to your living room, you can request samples that you can try at home. Another option is the 3D modeling of interior decoration proposed by some agencies.

As a general rule, the grey cold go well with the pure white and the grey the hottest with whites of the same color range, but the exceptions are not excluded. In the following paragraphs, you are going to see how to complete them and what type of accessories to choose for your living room cocooning modern.

What decor to choose for an interior in gray and white ?

The decoration in an interior in grey and white is essential in order to avoid the ambiance of health. In this context, the superposition of textiles is one of the best choices. After that, it is necessary to think of the light. Choose a warm light 3000 K or 4000 K. in order To sublimate the interior cocooning, also add a few candles here and there. You can make them at home using essential oils. The aroma also has a positive effect on the ambiance cocooning.

Add elements of natural wood

In the scandinavian countries, where thespirit cocooning is a way of life, the interiors evoke the nature with rustic materials, such as wood. It brings a feeling of comfort and warmth to the decor in grey and white. A light wood floors, a coffee table, a light fixture or other decorative object may help you to succeed the trend style.

Add texture in a small living room in gray and white

The grey and white are the two colors which are ideal for small salons, as they can visually expand the interior space. If this is your case, our advice is to opt for light walls in white and integrate the gray in the decor or the furniture. To strengthen the feeling of pampering, you can learn about the trend of Mix & Match and the layering of textures. Hang a curtain cocooning, pillows, poufs, rug, berber, plush, etc

The addition of a large painting wall is also a great way to add even more texture to a living room including the color palette is limited. The use of wall decorations also allows you to enlarge the space, so enjoy.

Invite the color in the decoration for the living room grey and white

If the idea of primary colors scare you, try to incorporate a few pastel colors in the decoration of the living room. Think about the powdery pink, green, khaki or even the baby blue and the yellow. The latter adds a touch of spice to the interiors, but in a way super trendy. So, if you are looking to add a little light in a small room, opt for this color more or less vitamin.

If the idea of primary colors scare you, try to incorporate a few pastel colors in the decoration of the living room. Think about the powdery pink, green, khaki or even the baby blue and the yellow. The latter adds a touch of spice to the interiors, but in a way super trendy. So, if you are looking to add a little light in a small room, opt for this color more or less vitamin.

Enhance the walls with a wallpaper

One of the biggest trends in the interior design 2022, this is the wallpaper. It is an element of decor that can completely change the style and atmosphere in your living room. So, if you are looking for a simple way to small price to freshen up the decoration, make a round of the shops or web sites to find the one that suits you the best.

Choose a print you love and let it dictate the rest of the decoration in the living room by using it to tie all the other colors of your space. In other words, for a successful interior cocooning, it is necessary to find a design that is complementary and not contrasting. In this case, you can also order a sample to test it in the living room. It is also necessary to take into account that the grey tones change throughout the day.

Combine a variety of reasons

What is good with a palette of simple colors for the living room, is that you can really go all out with the grounds. The only condition ? Stick to similar colors. For example combine a tapi patterned tiles with a floral wallpaper (grey and white of course).

Invite nature into your living room

Have you heard of a style of interior biophilic ? When we speak of interior design, we have already talked a lot about what we expect of stores and designers in 2022. But there is no doubt that the major trends come together under the concept of biophilia. The good news is that it perfectly blends in with the look monochromatic design grey and white. In addition, it highlights even more the idea of integrating the environment outside the house.

Then, decorate the living room grey and white with green plants and to add warmth, complete the biophilisme with natural wood elements or with baskets round braided (in seagrass, wood, wicker, etc).

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