How to decorate the stairs like a pro ? 25 ideas according to the latest trends in interior design !

The interior design of our homes and apartments is in constant evolution and it is a quite normal. Nothing more annoying than a decoration frozen in time who refuses to embrace a trend decor if applicable. You’re not a dinosaur of sorts, since you have recently renovated the bathroom or bedroom adult ? Bravo ! You also have redecorated the living room in replacing the old sofa, armchairs, and curtains ? Congratulations ! But what is it transitional spaces in your home such as the lobby, hallways and stairs ? They are often overlooked and are located at the bottom of the list of «parts» to be updated in the shortest possible time, isn’t it ? So here is an article inspiration full of ideas on how to decorate the stairs, according to the latest trends in interior design !

How to decorate the stairs like an interior designer professional

The renovation of the staircase is finished, there is more than one way to launch into the adventure of the decoration. We have chosen to present you our top 5 approaches favorite illustrating how to decorate the stairs like a professional designer. Paint tables, the 25+ ideas in the gallery below are all artistic, modern and thus not to be missed ! Then, choose yours and put it into practice without hesitation as soon as the opportunity presents itself !

How to decorate stairs focus on the stairs

Paint the steps of the staircase interior is one of the ways the simplest and most effective way to freshen the appearance. However, instead of a painting in full in a single color, please take into consideration an approach a little more artistic. In short, as is often the case in life, it is necessary to get off the beaten track to complete a creative project !

You can, for example, married two contrasting colors, such as yellow and blue, for a totally eye-catching. Another option unquestionably attractive, but also very elegant, is not to paint the treads and the handrail railing color of your choice and let the risers and the rest of the bars of the guardrail pristine white.


Steps in gradient color fishing for a staircase shaded absolutely beautiful

And what would you say to a staircase shaded with steps form a gradient of shades close to the same color ? The idea is frankly brilliant, and the truth is that she is not at all difficult to imitate. You must paint the first step with the base color, and then dilute the paint with a little white and paint the second. Use the same amount of white after each walk is the shadow effect subtle, you are guaranteed.

Ideas of patterns appealing made with stickers to risers

If painting isn’t your style, know that there are adhesive rolls that you can cut-to-measure and even stickers of all kinds that are specially designed for the risers ! With their help, graphic patterns, stylish, drawings, colorful, exotic and even entire landscapes can easily transfer them to your staircase inside to brighten it up.

Risers exotic multi-coloured-effect tiles ceramic Talavera

Ideas original decoration of the walls of the stairwell

Of course, selecting your carpet staircase, it is necessary to think of the other component elements of that small corner of your home. Tune the colors or the patterns of all of the items in the textile present, and consider the mural also. If the cage of your staircase is a natural extension of the living room grey and blue or white and blue, consider, for example, with a decoration of spirit sea.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, forget the painting and take into consideration the wallpaper in bold patterns. A pastoral scene to the house of spirit campaign chic or geometric patterns expressive complementing the decor in contemporary style – there are a huge variety of aesthetic options for every taste and every budget !

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