Kitchen trend 2022 : What are the elements decoration and the colors in vogue that you must not miss ?!

Are you curious to find out what is the kitchen trend 2022 ? We analyzed fashionable colours, decorations, essential and styles interior most sought in order to present you the full list with the latest trends to not miss.

Here is the kitchen trend 2022 and how you can adopt !

The kitchen finally gets the attention it deserves, especially when it comes to a design thought and practice. Following the pandemic, many of us have discovered the importance of this part of our houses, where we used to cook when we were working on the house and where we prepare all sorts of meals when we could not get out. It is not therefore surprising that this part also vital for the interior to be the subject of improvements and renovations constants.

We have seen the kitchen counter color, fill up on natural materials and unique eventually become the location of the most luxurious accommodation. In 2022, we will see an even greater increase of kitchens that reflect our personal tastes and meet our specific needs. And all of this, mixed with a decoration really elegant and sophisticated.

Tile metro

In 2022, we will see a return of backsplashes kitchen tile, but this time in glossy. So, we then said goodbye to matt. The best part ? This type of construction is much easier to clean ! So, to succeed in the food is really trend, opt for a rectangular tiles style of metropolitan france. In regards to the interstices, bet on the joints purposes, that is to say, of approximately 2 mm.

Sunny Cuisine

The windows installation along the counter or the led light extra-wide above the kitchen island or the stove will be the trend of 2022 in the interior design. The goal is to accommodate the natural light and create a visual connection with nature. It is in fact the objective of the biophilic design that will dominate the trends over the next few years. Bonus points if you add a few green plants on the shelves of the kitchen.

Natural materials

May know you already, but we’ll repeat it again, from now on, we try to completely replace the plastic. This means that the use of natural materials is a priority that requires your attention and your investment also. In this context, the marble, granite and kitchen cabinets wood, not painted squarely. Not only they have a rich aesthetic quality, but they are increasingly recognized for their health benefits, as they do not require a chemical treatment during the cleaning process.

The design of the cabinets

When it comes to the design of cabinets, 2022, you can choose between two main options – the minimalist style where you’ll see less of knobs and pulls for cabinets and cupboards in front flat decorated with handles that attract attention. The opening system is automatic and those that require a pressure on the gate itself is still a trend that will facilitate the avid cooks.

Kitchen lighting design

The lighting is particularly crucial to the interior design. Lights can make a room look amazing and warm. That is why we must not neglect this element of the decoration. The trends in 2022 in lighting kitchen are clean and sophisticated. The unique patterns and crafts are a plus, but you can also bet on the designs minimalist complement the one of the cabinets

Metal elements

Marble and wood are a key trend in the interior design 2022, but we must not also forget the metals that complement each other well with them. The different shades of wood and metal, often bringing warmth and contrast to a cold surface in marble. In this sense, the details in copper are particularly suitable if you want to succeed in a contemporary look.

Wallpaper in the kitchen

Yes, you heard right ! In 2022, the wallpaper will be present even in the kitchen. May be it can be you it seems strange, just like putting on a plush carpets on the balcony, but in fact, if you go around shops, you will find the wallpapers designed specifically for kitchens. You can also apply a layer of matte varnish water based on the paper once it is installed, and sec. Thus, you are going to seal all the edges and seams for extra protection.

In terms of design, the tropical paintings and flowers are to be preferred… In fact any kind of design that reminds you of the nature. In this context, you can also find images of foliage, twigs, trees, fruits, and vegetables. They will all look very fresh to your kitchen, while adding a stunning contrast to the minimalist furnishings.

The other hand, if your cabinets are made of ornaments, such as a kitchen style vintage, or if you have a industrial kitchen, then you must choose a wallpaper clearer and more simple. The abstract patterns and those that mimic the metal are the best solution for you.

The trend colors kitchen 2022

Color in a room can completely change its looks, so you must choose carefully. Fortunately, in 2022, the trends, we provide a range of shades and hot and intense that will illuminate our interiors. Expect a lot more yellows and oranges burned on a background of blue, dark or white light.

If the pop colours are not your cup of tea, then you can bet on a kitchen trend 2022 in shades of sand. It is a perfect solution for all fans of scandinavian design and pampering, as well as the grey and white.

You can implement the colours in vogue even in the cabinets. Take a look on the kitchens terracotta by example. They make a great fury at the moment and they will continue to amaze us even during the next year. One more nuance to take into consideration, it is green, khaki. It adapts to all styles of interior design and what is more, it guarantees you a quiet atmosphere and super serene.

Kitchen trend 2022 : the interior styles

The style of interior really depends on your personal taste, but if you follow the trends, you can incorporate a few key elements that will change the look of your kitchen. After the moroccan style has invaded our living rooms, it is time to embed it in the kitchen. How ? The most elegant way to do this is to bet on the moroccan zellij. With their irregular surface and varying tones, this tile clay glazed distinctive will bring texture and artisanal character to a room.

Kitchens cottage-style are also very popular. If you want to have a kitchen trend 2022, it is among the best choices. This is a rustic style and traditional, which is appreciated for its distinctive features – floors made of stone slabs, beams, rustic, ceilings and valances aged – it is these details that give the cuisines of the cottages with their unique charm and their friendliness. Still an essential part, this is a sink from farm, which will also be in vogue during the next year.

We have already mentioned, but the biophilic design is a major trend in the field of interior decoration. So don’t waste any more time and take several green plants in your kitchen – not artificial, but true ! You can also think about planting a few fresh herbs, which can help you improve your cooking skills.

You can’t move on to the next interior design minimalist, non ? ! It is already part of our lives, and it seems that it will last. So keep it simple, avoid the open shelves and the colors are too bright. Instead, opt for lighter shades, a soft and pastel like beige, color vanilla, the powdery pink, etc

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