Balcony or terrace minimalist : Here’s how to adopt the new trend deco outdoor Instagrammable !

After living rooms, bedrooms and even the bathroom, the minimalist style overwhelms the exterior space. Very in vogue for a long time, he invites himself perfectly well in the garden, the balcony or the terrace. With a sleek and delicate, this style invites you to relax and relax in the sun. Want to succumb to the return of the beautiful days ? Stylish colors, natural materials and raw, design furniture, and plants a structured, here are some ideas deco to build a terrace minimalist with flair !

The terrace minimalist at the center of the trends in outdoor

The return of the spring, it is time to restyle their space outdoor to enjoy the sun. You have the chance to have a balcony, a terrace or a small garden ? This is great, because the minimalist style is invite perfectly. With a little outdoors or great outdoors, in an urban or rural, the layout minimalist is possible at any scale. Then, here are 10 terraces minimalist and so many beautiful ideas to create a design atmosphere, clean, functional, but also decor that does not favor the essential.

What is a terrace minimalist ?

The image of the rest of the house, the terrace, failed also to the trend of minimalist. Simple and understated, this last is especially comfortable and relaxing. On the terrace minimalist, the shapes are geometric, the colors are soft and the materials are natural. The contrast is also waiting for you. In short, nothing like the minimal design to give an air of freshness to your little corner outdoors. To adopt it, it is however necessary to think in advance. Every detail of the decor has a purpose, and can even become versatile to limit the occupancy of the space. Explanation !

How to build a terrace or a balcony, a minimalist ? The basic rules !

Build and decorate a terrace minimalist is not a trivial matter. And this is not because it is small. Graphic lines and well-defined, furniture sleek and exotic plants, the whole must be chosen with attention to the arrangement devoid of all that is superfluous. In other words, the envy of less and better, must take precedence over the accumulation of wealth. To start off on the right foot, please first reach a maximum of space by choosing furniture with straight lines.

The colors preferred

Because the minimal design is timeless, the colors should be classic. White, green, brown, grey… next color, opt for shades that are inspired by nature. Forget the objects of deco-a bit too colourful. They can spoil the harmony of the shades. And while the white is a safe bet to succeed in this type of development, the grey is also very popular. To create a minimalist and gentle on your balcony, it is on the gray pearl that you should bet. In other hand, the charcoal grey is perfect for a cosy and intimate place.

A few small colored notes may, however, find their place on the balcony minimalist. The yellow and orange are among the most popular. But be careful not to abuse it !


As you know, the minimalist style is opposed to the over-consumption. Thus, each element of this deco is there for a good reason. Pointless then cluttering up your patio with outdoor furniture of all kinds. The basic idea ? Get rid of the superfluous to focus on the essential. Only select furniture essential as a coffee table, a bench or a chaise longue.

On the design side, compliment the rounded shapes for a deco soft and stylish. Forget the models imposing. Think of the metal furniture black or white. And since comfort is a core element of the terrace minimalist, made up to the pillows and rugs outdoor. Finally, the lighting is not left out. Sifted, it can create a pleasant atmosphere and inviting.


The neutrality characterizes the minimal design. The bright colors pop and are therefore to be avoided. We focus on neutral shades and timeless. Ditto for the materials and textiles. Wood, polished concrete, slate, metal, black or white… you’ll be spoilt for choice. Trends and sanitized, the raw materials are resistant brilliantly to the test of time. This allows you to change them less often and save money. In addition, they blend beautifully with the plants to inject a zen-like vibe to the place.

The keys vegetable

Icing on the terrace minimalist, plants make their dose of personality. They play in creating different volumes in several places. Game of heights and textures, foliage, impressive and weddings inspirational, plants, fine-tuning the outer corner. Among the plants most suitable for a balcony minimalist, there is the Philodendron Monstera, aloe vera, the Sansevière Futura and the Philodendron Atom. For a corner even more zen, you can install a small water point as the outdoor pool to koi below.

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