Construct a wood deck : What gasoline to choose ? 3 ways !

Space of life, the terrace should be arranged as it should be ! You want to build a wooden terrace ? To make it comfortable, warm, and above all welcoming atmosphere, we compete imagination. In this respect, the wood became the coating is essential to the creation of our outdoor living space. What more beautiful material can bring the genuine warmth ? Ecological, sustainable and noble, the timber has unique qualities. Remains to choose the best for your landscaping modern. It helps you a bit with our suggestions ?

What is the gasoline choose to build a wooden terrace ? 3 ways !

The wood has all its assets. Noble, authentic and eco-friendly, this material brings its charm to your home’s exterior. Similarly, it requires minimal maintenance for maximum comfort. Making the point about its advantages and disadvantages, we quickly made our choice. The wood is available in different species : softwood, exotic, composite, etc, Difficult to navigate and know which one is best for your home’s exterior ? Discover in this article all you need to know to find out what that suits your terrace.

The wood european

This wood has a kind of shades ranging from yellow to red. With time, it will tend to the silver-grey. This wood is very inexpensive and more environmentally friendly than the exotic wood. However, it is less resistant and needs a specific treatment to resist moisture, insects and fungus. Here are the 4 main types of wood european :

  • The pin is quite resistant (fifteen years), and it has a hue slightly greenish.
  • he larch is a wood very dense offering a good quality/price ratio and a very good resistance because of its hardness.
  • The Red Cedar is naturally rot-proof and therefore does not need to undergo a particular treatment. It also has a nice life but its cost is higher.
  • The robinia false acacia is a wood that is resistant to impacts and is also very durable for a patio.
  • The Douglas is a very cheap, very used to the outdoor decks, because of its resistance to fungi and insects.

The exotic wood

This is the top of range of the wooden terrace. This wood is so dense that no treatment is needed to protect them. Naturally rot-proof and weather-resistant, the exotic wood is the material par excellence for terraces noble and of high quality. All species are suitable for use in wet weather-resistant. If it becomes grey over time, you can choose the gasoline in terms of its aesthetic appearance. The exotic wood is definitely of the seal, and its beauty is evident at first glance. The main drawback is its price. The terraces of exotic wood are mainly sourced from South America and central Africa. Here are the 7 main species of exotic wood :

  • Teak is naturally resistant to external aggressions.
  • Ipe is of a dark brown colour. It has a texture unique. His strength is rivalled only by its price, as it is quite rare.
  • The padauk is bright red color. It is also very dense and resistant, but gray quickly.Cumaru is available in shades of brown clear dark turning from brown to yellow to red.
  • The garapa is a wood that has a very good price-quality ratio. In addition, he is in his element in the wetlands.
  • The tali is a wood appearance brown yellow to brown red very durable and resistant. However, it tends to darken in the light.
  • The massaranduba is a gasoline is extremely dense, reddish-brown. It is very resistant to salt water and it is regularly installed near the sea.

Build a wooden terrace modified

Several processes exist for the creation of a deck changed. First of all, the thermo-heating. This involves heating the wood in a kiln at very high temperature. We then speak of thermally modified wood or of very high temperature treatment. This process makes the wood resistant to insects, fungi and deformation due to moisture.

In addition, it provides the wood a darker shade. The second option available to you, impregnation. It can be performed by a mix of warm oils of plants such as flax. Impregnation offer, it is also, greater durability and a shade darker. Then, you’ve made your choice ?

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