Balcony decoration cocooning : how to adopt the cozy cottage-style at home ?

The decoration hygge has been the rage in the world. The life style of scandinavian made envious, and rightly so ! The plush carpets, the blankets warm and the heat of the decorations in pastel colors are only a small part of this amazing cozy atmosphere. However, the hygge is much more than a simple style. While the interior designers consider it to be one of the best designs of house… It is you and only you who can create this cosy feel. Overall, this is more of a feeling than a simple inspiration decorative. However, there is nothing wrong with having a home that is aesthetically pleasing ! So, without further ado, here’s how to adopt the style chalet to decor balcony cocooning !

Deco balcony cocooning

In recent years, the decoration cocooning have been shown at the head of the trends the most popular. Thanks to its charming simplicity and to his great advantage in terms ofsave money the pampering is still relevant in 2022. To enjoy the latest winter months that pass, DV has some ideas attractive ! Besides, what would you say to transform your balcony into a space wonder cottage-style where there is warmth and comfort ? Yes, sit on the balcony in winter may seem crazy, but listen to us ! In fact, it is quite possible to spend time and be warm at the same time. So here are a few tricks you can do to incorporate hygge into your home’s exterior !

How to adopt the style hygge balcony ?

There are many templates and tips for a decoration hygge interior. The living room and the bedroom and the topics that dominate every time. is one of the most sought-after. However, you can also make your home’s exterior has the magic hygge ! and the hundred and the spark plugs may be a little too much for some. What you should do, instead of exaggerating and over decorate, and thus to give the impression that this is more complex than simple… It is to opt for pastel colors, lots of warm blankets and decorative pillows fluffy. In addition, put a small wooden table to drop off your.

Déco balcony cocooning tips and tricks

For a sublime decoration cocooning, you will not need to something that was out of the ordinary. Here is a list of examples to help you in your approach to decoration :

  • Lot of decorative pillows
  • Warm blankets
  • A carpet
  • A small wooden table
  • Chairs or a hammock
  • Candles
  • Of the twinkling lights
  • Plants
  • Decorations choice

Here are some decorating tips :

  • Use an old ladder to put your plants. This is a great way to follow the trend upcycling. In fact, who knows ? Maybe you’ll be inspired to make a vegetable garden on a balcony !
  • The lanterns are all the rage at the moment. Why not buy them second-hand and place your candles on the floor ? The mood will be more than charming !
  • If you don’t have a table, you can put a tray for your drinks hot or a box. This is not serious, as long as it pleases you !
  • Ask your pillows and covers on your chairs or benches empty in order to feel more cozy !

Hygge throughout the year

The decoration of balcony cocooning is not only made for cold days and winter nights, where you can snuggle up with a hot chocolate ! You can also incorporate the effect of heat every season and you will always feel comfortable. Feel hygge will follow you, as you want to and whenever you want ! However, you could store blankets of the hottest not to turn you into a potato cooked during the summer. Otherwise, try to incorporate some of the lightest materials in respect of the blankets and pillows while following the same instructions. In addition, instead of preparing a hot chocolate, why not drink on the balcony with a delicious cocktail with a base of watermelon ? This seems to be refreshing, is not it ?

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