Deco and planning garden trends outdoor identified for 2022

In 2020 and 2021, the pandemic is forcing, the garden has become the new living space. He has taken on the flavour of cocoon where you can recharge and refocus. In short, it looks like the room of the future. And the pandemic of covid-19 has only accelerated the process. Trends outdoor 2022 are in the garden, to the terrace and patio, which is needed as an extension of the interior. In this vein, the colours, and materials that will make up the outdoor space this year will build on the aspirations indoor. Then, discover without further delay all new developments in the field of deco and design garden.

Trends outdoor 2022 : How to decorate and arrange the garden this year ?

This year, among the pieces that are most invested of the house, there is no surprise in the garden. A trend born during the pandemic that will last in 2022 and beyond. In fact, it is strongly present in the magazines, outdoor, where the houses and the apartments have all of the small outer corners. With the health crisis and the global warming, the need of a comfortable living space and close to nature is felt more strongly. The result ? A boom of applications with brands of furniture, and landscape to create a garden, a backyard or a patio is also beautiful and practical where it is good to live. Then, with the approach of sunny days, it erases the boundaries between the inside and the outside. For this purpose, it has been exported to the color lights to the interior. Focus on the trends outdoor 2022, which will mark the next twelve months.

The planning of the garden in 2022

At the risk of repeating ourselves, 2022, the outside will be an extension of the interior of the house. It is time to export the parts of the house to the garden, with a strong trend for kitchens summer. However, it is more than a simple piece of furniture equipped with a sink. In 2022, the kitchen contains a refrigerator, a built-in barbecue, a bar, a booster or a large dining area user friendly. Note : if you want to enjoy the outdoor space in any season, you need to consider the climate where you live. As a consumer, you will therefore need furniture solid and durable, and can stay outside all year round.

Since telework is still the norm, there is also a strong demand for the creation of a corner office in the garden. Some consumers are just a small space, while others will ask for something more spacious and luxurious.

However, the number 1 objective in the planning of the garden in 2022 rest of the nature. You have a strong desire to create spaces dedicated to relaxation and well-being, especially when you live in the city. The water points are now common, especially if the size of the garden allows for their installation. As for the greens, they are of vital importance to sublimate the garden and to bring the detail to the layout outdoor. They can hide the small flaws from the outside. The plant is also very suitable for the structuring of the various areas of the garden.

The trends-deco garden 2022

Despite the plants and the water points, in 2022, we will also want to bring color to the garden. We focus on the tones and strong vitamin, also through the decorative objects on the furniture. Among the nuances of the stars of the garden, there is the terracotta, the sage green, the pink, the white, the red, the yellow curry and the blue periwinkle. The pastel colors will also be at the rendezvous. How to adopt ? Two options, depending on the landscape : either we play the card of the contrast, or opt for the look monochrome using shades of a single color.

Side printed, again, two schools, it is necessary : to be too wild, to be very discrete. This spring-summer 2022, the place to motifs inspired by the jungle and the forest. In terms of materials, no change. The acrylic textile structures outdoor furniture in aluminium and steel will be back. Ditto for the raw materials like wood and concrete. The high pressure laminate and ceramic come, too, on the market. The only catch ? They are quite fragile.

In 2022, the use of accessories will always be the easiest way to sublimate the garden. Since it invites the inside to the outside, the lighting design will be the wind in their sails. We may as well take advantage of her corner of the green till the end of the night. In order to transform the garden into a real living room, kilims and blankets are welcome, too. Note : it is necessary to choose waterproof and UV-resistant. And to extend the end of the day outdoors while being warm, we think of the braziers.

The layout of the garden in 2022

In short, invest the garden or the balcony is no longer an option but a necessity. And when the outer surface is calculated, we want to associate to the interior. This is expressed particularly in the continuity of the floor coverings of the house towards the patio. To visually expand the corner outside, we play with the vertical, the height differences between the greenery. We do not hesitate, therefore, not to invite grasses, perennials, shrubs and trees.

Among the fixtures lights in small gardens there is a strong demand for basins less than 10 m2. Why this fascination ? This is largely explained by the fact that it is not necessary to make a statement of work for this type of surfaces. However, the basins represent an investment not to be overlooked.

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