Decoration of the terrace on the cheap : 5 tips to revamp the terrace according to the trends to 2022 without breaking the bank !

You have a terrace to enjoy the arrival of the beautiful days ? If your answer is yes, you are really lucky ! However, for you to feel good, a few changes need to be made, especially in terms of decoration. In the end, the goal is to create a space where you spend a lot of time. Decoration and the construction of a terrace modern can become a real headache, especially if your budget is limited. What to do, then ? Don’t panic, because the writing is always at your side to provide you with the best ideas ! On the program today : how to revamp the terrace at the lowest price ?

Decorative terrace cheap 2022 : our 5 tips to revamp your space with a mini budget !

Need an idea decoration terrace to dress up your space in outdoor and prepare it for the arrival of the beautiful days ? So, you’ve come to the right place, because DV is never at a loss for ideas ! In the current article, we will show you 5 tips to makeover patio to create a space that’s welcoming, charming and warm without emptying your wallet. Full fire of inspiration.

Modern furniture

When it comes to design the interior modern and stack in trends, it is many to want to pounce on the furniture for the patio design. However, there is a problem : the high prices. As a general rule, the outdoor furniture cheap present a risk at the level of the materials. How to do so to take advantage of parts in trend, quality and cheap ? So, forget the plastic chairs, and adopt the famous technique of mix & match, which lets you mix and match parts of different materials that work surprisingly well together. What would you say, for example, two iron chairs combined with two other rattan ? Here’s an idea of chairs mismatched pile in the air time.

You are skillful hands ? If this is the case, we present to you an idea of furniture retrieve small price : give a second life to wooden pallets, which, once repainted, promise to become the focal point of the space.

Soil that makes the effect

For a successful decoration for the terrace like a pro, it is inevitable to bring about changes at the level of the ground. It is recommended that you focus on the neutral soil, which will allow you all the craziness in the field of decorative objects. One of the best options, it is in particular the coating wood imitation, because it creates a rendering modern and natural. Several models are available in the specialized shops and at all prices. Choose from long slats to create the impression of a terrace more.

Your budget may not allow you to change the soil ? Don’t panic ! You can always dress up your patio with these two tips as malignant. The first is to lay a carpet trend in harmony with the whole, while the second advocates the painting wooden deck that allows you to create a faux rug painted in your favorite colors.

The decoration of the terrace plays with lights

The following idea of decoration terrace cheap on lighting occupies a significant place in the makeover of this friendly space. Good news : you’re spoilt for choice ! Do not hesitate and get luminous garlands, candles and even torches LED… all the audacities are permitted. The idea is to create a cozy ambience and zen.

Plant to revamp the terrace according to the trends 2022

Depriving your terrace plants is an error deco to never commit. In addition to be THE trend in deco of the moment, the plants give the space a touch of natural green is second to none. Be bold and invite all kinds of plants that make you happy and please do not hesitate to choose for a jungle. So, do not delay and visit garden centres who work at a small price, or offer regular specials.

Your goal, it is the decoration small terrace ? We have a solution for you : the vegetal wall ! It tempts you ? This idea saves space when not related it all to the ground and you can complete yourself. It is not enough to secure crates to the wall and fill with plants. Of course, a perfect project that will allow you to succeed a wall decoration terrace worthy of envy.

Ideas to hide the terrace of the neighbors

Restyle the terrace also means to hide it from the eyes of neighbors or passers-by. Fortunately, several effective solutions are inexpensive are available to you. Plant in pot-brise-vue, curtains, a screen of wood, a wall, gabion and so on… there are many effective methods, allowing you to hide the terrace of the neighbors for cheap.

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