How to have a beautiful lawn ? With these tricks and tips, you’ll have the lawn of your dreams !

The lawn well-maintained absorbs rain water, has a cooling effect is important in the summer and provides oxygen. In addition, the grass catches the dust and dirt of the street and the prevention of soil erosion, while encouraging the development of beneficial soil micro-organisms. Not to mention its value decorative outdoor space ! But how to have a beautiful lawn area where you can relax while the kids and pets to play ? Can we maintain it in perfect condition without investing hours and significant resources, and without the use of dangerous pesticides ?

How to have a beautiful lawn ?

According to recent research, having a beautiful lawn can be costly to the environment. The water that it uses for its watering, chemical pesticides are applied, the fuel consumed by the mower… It’s too much when you think about it ! Then, can we maintain the grass in great condition without the use of artificial fertilizers and reducing its carbon footprint overall ? Definitely yes ! If you need to fertilize your lawn more than once per year, you can improve for sure your maintenance strategy. Then, pay attention to the following 6 tips and grow healthy grass and naturally resistant to weeds, insects and diseases.

Amend the soil to start on the right foot

Any owner who is wondering how to have a beautiful lawn should first test the pH of the soil. In the ideal case, it will be between 6.5 and 7.0, which is slightly acid. A soil that is too acidic will need a little dusting of lime, a process known as liming. However, you can add sulfur if the soil is not enough acid. Lawns grow best in loamy soils that contain a mixture of clay, silt and sand. Too much clay in the soil can compact the soil which prevents the circulation of air and nutrients. You can also add organic matter, such as compost to lighten heavy soils rich in clay. In a sandy soil, the manure will be beneficial for the soil retain water and nutrients.

Aeration is beneficial in more ways than one

In the case of compacted soil, aeration will be quite beneficial if you want to have a beautiful lawn by the result. The superficial part of the soil must be porous, which promotes the circulation of water, nutrients and air. When the soil particles are compressed together so that there is not enough space between them, the plants cannot get the nutrients they need to flourish. To aerate the soil, you must simply lift and flip the clods surface to create air pockets. You can rent an aerator from your local garden centre if your lawn occupies an area more important.

How to have a beautiful lawn ? Choose the right type !

The answer of the question how to have a beautiful lawn is not in fact universal. The types of grasses that differ according to the climate they prefer, the amount of water and nutrients that they require, the amount of shade that they can tolerate and the amount of wear they can bear. You should therefore inform you what is the grass, best adapted to your area to ensure you success.

Mow often, but not too short is canon

In order to save efforts and spread the procedures to the maximum, many owners cut their grass too short. However, this does him a disservice. The surface roots remain exposed, the soil dries out more quickly and the aeration of the surface is reduced. As a general rule, maintain the grass between 6.5 and 9 inches is a good option for it to be healthy and beautiful. The trick is not to cut more than one-third of the grass at a time. In the end of the season, when the grass will grow more, you can mow shorter, about 3 cm. This will minimize the risk of mold developing for the winter.

How to have a beautiful lawn with the proper watering

Unlike the mowing, watering is not done too often, but it must be done thoroughly. A heavy watering encourages your grass to develop a deep root system, which makes it more robust and more resistant to drought. Let the lawn dry out well before the réarroser. As a general rule, the color should be dull and impressions of your not need to be visible for a few seconds. We share a trick if you ask how not to waste water watering. When watering, place a cup somewhere on the lawn. It must receive at least 2.5 cm) of water if the watering is done once a week. Also, please be aware that the best time of day to water is early in the morning, because less water will be lost through evaporation. Ideally, it is better to water in two steps, spaced an hour.

Sow in excess is the key to a beautiful lawn

«Surensemencer» your lawn is one of the best approaches to take to ensure that it is attractive to,. It is the process of adding grass seeds on an existing lawn. This fills in the gaps and enjoys an abundant greenery throughout the season. Overseeding can be done in the spring or early summer. Here’s how to have a beautiful lawn without too much effort !

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