Japanese zen garden : How to create one ? 5 tips just for you !

How to create a japanese zen garden ?

You are in search of serenity ? You want to find the calm in the heart of your garden ? In a japanese garden, it is the communion with nature is of primary importance. For the rest there is no need for artifice and ostentatious. It is necessary to observe certain rules of the art of nippon to achieve a true zen garden. Here are 5 delivered key in hand to create your own garden where reigns a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

Sobriety : the key to japanese garden

You know the japanese love the simplicity and sobriety. These two values of the japanese culture, mark undeniably the composition of zen gardens. In this title, opt for a single decorative element. It is necessary to have a focal point with one item to put in value : the water or the rock, for example. Do not multiply the decorative styles. Do not do in the too pompous : use only a decorative accessory matt or gross for a lantern or a bridge. Finally, keep a certain elegance in the shapes of your plants, boulders and decorative elements to create a japanese garden, harmonious.

Choose plants suited to the japanese zen garden

As all the plants are not welcome in the composition of a japanese garden, the ones that you should use are the following :

  • the oak
  • fruit trees
  • the pines
  • maple, japanese

In addition, you can add plants, land of heather, bamboo or shrubs to slow growth.

Choose the asymmetry and the pace odd

The japanese garden has eyes for the asymmetry. In fact, in Japan, the harmony is based on the imbalance. The trees and the rocks which are the essential elements of japanese zen garden will provide a beautiful asymmetry to ensure balance and serenity to the garden. Similarly, you should know that in japanese culture, the odd numbers are a sign of good luck and positive. Here’s how this translates into practice : the plants are not planted by 2 or 4, but by 3, 5 and 7. You have understood the principle, it is the same for the rocks.

Highlight decorative elements

The Japanese like to put in the value of simple elements beautifully understated. Thus, as we have said above, avoid the frills ! Do not accumulate too many plants, this would not be the desired effect. Just the opposite, the isolate or the space to put them in value. The essential element of any interior design, zen is the fountain. It is characterized by a structure made of natural stones and pipes arrivals water bamboo. By decorating it with beautiful plants, it can also be shaped from smooth stone for a touch more modern. In addition, the runoff of water will provide a serene atmosphere.

Opt for the decor or furniture with natural materials

Japanese people live in harmony with nature, it is thus necessary to avoid placing too much furniture, still less those of synthetic material. Same for the rocks in resin : they are to be banned. Opt for natural materials. To showcase decorative objects, such as the fountain, or the statuettes, we turn to shrubs pruned to the nearest millimeter. Another core element of the decoration of the garden japanese : incense. It is very easy to put in value on a door-incense wood. Thus, we turn to purify the atmosphere.

The zen garden’s main function is to be a quiet place, which should give off a soothing atmosphere. In addition, it must also be functional, ensuring that the movement is fluid. For this, opt for a set of stones that you ask gently. You’ll be creating a small path that leads to the zen garden. To do this you’ll be spoilt for choice between the use of natural materials such as granite, slate, stone or oak. Then, you run it when ?

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