The balconies are of different shapes and sizes. Some are quite large and spacious, while others have a surface that is long and narrow

In outdoor design, there are several issues to be addressed to ensure that the final design is at the height of our expectations. Apart from the operations necessary in the vegetable garden, the spaces for the rest deserve our efforts also to create a dream garden. That is why, many homeowners are investing in the construction of a terrace, the renovation of the balcony, the installation of a pergola bioclimatic, etc., But how to protect our corner of relaxation of the elements and prying eyes at the same time ? Whether it’s a small balcony, an adjoining conservatory or patio of several square meters, the curtains exterior is a low-cost solution, and stylish to ensure privacy while decorating ! So, here’s how to choose them and what are the options of the most chic, not to miss !

The advantages of curtains outdoor

Designed to withstand the sun, wind and rain, the curtains outside help to protect and define your outdoor living space without actually enclosing it. In the spring, you’ll be shielded from the wind and multiple insects, in the summer, you parerez to the sweltering temperatures of midi, including the harmful UV rays and in the fall, you’ll with success the damage of the rains. At the same time, during all seasons of the year, you will have a breeze-view the original, functional and attractive.

In addition to the practical benefits, the curtains outside are a decorative element adding a touch of personality to your garden. They are available in a huge variety of materials, styles, colors, and patterns to fit seamlessly with any front imaginable. Choose according to the materials, the furniture and the surrounding greenery to design a space cohesive and decidedly aesthetic.

What are the criteria for the choice of curtains ?

You should always choose the curtains outdoor according to the particularities of the space which will receive and our purpose. If, for example, you want to garnish a glazed veranda, almost any fabric that blocks the UV rays may do the trick. But if the space is more exposed, you will need to choose a material that is waterproof and wear-resistant, specially designed for outdoor use. Textiles drapery traditional absorb moisture which makes it extremely heavy, and prone to mold. In other hand, the canvases in special outdoor repel water and their color does not go away with time. In addition, the curtains manufactured are equipped with tabs strengthened and carnations, rust-proof which is even more advantageous.

How to install curtains outdoor like a pro ?

Once your curtains outdoor chosen, you must hang in there and to do this, it is necessary to explore the existing structures. The balcony, the patio, gazebo and covered patio, all can enjoy it, but the snap will probably be different. Keep in mind the general direction of the wind, of any foliage in the vicinity and, above all, the exposure to the sun. For example, equip sheer curtains, a balcony or a terrace garden oriented to the west will allow you to get the most out of your space, because in the afternoons summer sunny will become much more enjoyable.

Some of the structures covered allow for the direct-mount curtains the outside, but others require the pre-installation of a rod or a steel cable. If you do not want to pierce the material of construction for installing the anchors, there are also spring-loaded poles stretch that is fixed between two vertical supports by the voltage even as the tips carry on posts. This is a temporary solution, ideal if you want to return your equipment for the winter. Most manufacturers offer canvases on measurement, which is another beneficial option not to under-estimate.

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