Why install a pergola ? Here are the four major benefits !

One of the trends of the most popular in the field of landscaping is the idea of an » outdoor room «. It is possible if you decide to install a pergola. But this is not the only advantage for which the whole world wants to enlarge his house. Also ask yourself why install a pergola ? If you have any doubts on this subject, see the list below and get ready for the summer season ! Go for it !

Why install a pergola and this is what exactly ?

The pergola is a sheltered terrace or a garden, non-closed, consisting of poles or vertical pillars that are generally supportive of the cross beams. Thus, it provides you with a roof open to the outside. The pergola can be attached to a wall of the house, or totally independent in the garden and can be manufactured from various materials.

What is a pergola ? It allows you to relax or take the meal outside, while avoiding the direct rays of the sun. If this isn’t enough for you, read on to discover more details.

Reduce sun exposure

The pergola is a sure way to overcome the heat waves of the summer. There are different types of pergolas, but on average, it reduces to 5 degrees the temperature below it. If you decide to cover it with a hard material that is translucent, you will reduce the exposure to the sun to 60% of what it would normally be ! We are sure that you will appreciate it in the month of August ! With a pergola in your garden, you’ll no longer have to hide in the house during the day. You’ll have plenty of time to relax with your family, and your friends by drinking a glass of homemade lemonade.

Create an aesthetic value

One of the benefits of the pergola is his contribution to aesthetics to your outdoor space. It can be placed on your deck or in your garden can be a point of convergence. You can also build on top of a driveway or a garden, and really anywhere in your yard. The only thing that you have to ask is why the buy – for reasons aesthetic or practical ? Of course, this does not mean that you can’t combine the two.

If you have a green thumb, a great way to enhance even more the pergola is to plant a few vines as bougainvillier or the ivy and flowers. It is a natural and cheap way to cover the narrowing of the pergola and to provide shade underneath. The only drawback is that it takes time to grow.

Create an outdoor living space for the holidays

During the cool summer nights, there’s nothing better than a meal outside. Well, the pergola will give you this opportunity. It is a space attractive and welcoming where you can get your loved ones. To create an atmosphere that really charming, decorate with lights, candles, flowers and veils.

A pergola may also serve as a home office. Work in the fresh air is amazing in the summer afternoon. In addition, the environment is well-ventilated and improve your productivity.

Add value to your property

Even if you have no intention of selling your house anytime soon, you can increase the value of your property for your own pleasure. According to specialists, a pergola can increase the value of the property by at least 20 %. Why ? A pergola can completely transform the look of your home, whatever the material of which it is made. It not only brings comfort and beauty, but they also look incredibly modern. To transform even more the look of your home’s exterior, you can add soles, decorative, wall, privacy, a cover of the pergola, or just a few trees in pots.

Install a pergola permission

Before starting work, check out the urban plan of your local town council. It may be necessary to ask for permission. Normally, if the floor area is less than 5 m2, no action is required. There are specific requirements regarding the height of the roof. It should not exceed 12 m. If you are planning to build a pergola larger, so you must make a prior declaration to work with the town hall of your city.

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