What mattress: foam, latex or spring? Choosing a mattress for sleeping

Foam mattress

Check which mattress to choose!
A foam mattress, a latex mattress, or maybe a spring mattress-which will be the best? See how these mattresses differ and which one to choose to sleep on it was a pleasure.

The right mattress for sleeping has not only the size matched to the size of the bed for the bedroom. First of all, it must be comfortable for you. There’s only one way to find out: if you test it first. Lay down on several prepared in the store models of mattresses to choose the right hard. See if you can slide your hand under your lower spine. Also remember that the mattress should be at least 10 cm longer than you.

Foam mattress: we compare fillings

Before you decide to buy a mattress, check what is inside. The filling (carrier layer) of the mattress determines the elasticity, and thus-the comfort of rest and the price of the mattress. Also ask about other mattress layers-for example, coconut mat, which increases the hardness, horsehair, which removes moisture well, or warming wool. There are plenty of combinations!

Mattress for sleeping

Foam mattress: properties
A sleeping mattress made of one or more layers of foam must be placed on the ribbed bottom of the bed frame. It’s light, so it’s easy to turn. The thermoplastic foam mattress changes its elasticity depending on the temperature, so it adapts to the shape of the body. Bed mattresses made of thermoactive foam and latex mattresses are also a solid investment. Thermoelastic foam gives a feeling of softness, it is good for small people, many lying and small children, while mattresses made of high-elastic foam are harder, so they are better suited for heavier people.

A foam mattress or a latex mattress?

Latex mattresses are flexible, very resistant to deformation and healthy – they perfectly affect the spine. Natural latex is the best choice for allergy sufferers, as it prevents the development of mold and fungi in the mattress. A latex mattress is as light as a foam mattress, but more durable than it and more resilient. Due to its small thickness, it is recommended to place it on a rack.

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