Bedroom interior photo

How to design a bedroom?

Consider the layout, styles, decoration.
Experts advise to arrange a bedroom in an apartment and a house as far as possible from the public part of the interior (hallway, kitchen, living room), and in a private house and even on the second floor or attic.

Comfortable layout and its principles.
To choose a room, you need to know who will sleep there, if «owl», then you need to make a bedroom in a room with windows to the west, and if «lark», then to the east to wake up with the first rays of the sun.
The size and design of the bedroom are developed based on the tasks. If the bedroom is needed only for sleeping, use a small room.

If the area allows, then you can place:
a coffee table with armchairs,
a mini-library with a bookshelf,
a dressing table,
a sports simulator
, a music center.

Functional zones are designated thanks to proper lighting and a multi-level ceiling.

How to increase the bedroom?
You can expand the size of the room by attaching a loggia and on new meters you can arrange a place to relax with a rocking chair or a study. The window sill of the balcony is perfect as a stand for a laptop and not only.

Classic style in the bedroom interior

Classic style in the bedroom interior It is necessary to adhere to several principles in order to create a design variant:the bed should be with a high decorated headboard,it is necessary to paint the bedroom in white, cream colors,the decor should combine aged surfaces and gilding elements,decorate the bedroom with textiles (lush draperies on the windows, a canopy over the bed).Keep in mind that all the furnishings should form a complete, harmonious composition. Small rooms are not suitable for this style, since the classics like space.

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