Can we put an orchid in the bathroom : advice on the humidity and the flow of light

Having regard to the exotic and the noble and exquisite this queen among the flowers, one considers its maintenancePlease do not hesitate to ornementer the edge of the window, because even if it loses its flowers, you can revive it by a few quick tips and natural fertilizers. To answer the question, » Can we put an orchid in the bathroom ? «it is necessary to seek in the nature of the orchid. Do not leave them to die without water is a crucial point in his interview. How will she be in an atmosphere that is constantly wet ? We have followed closely.

You want to put an orchid in the bathroom

If you live in a temperate climate, your Phalaenopsis orchid to thrive on the outside, but if the temperature does not suit him, it is better to maintain it inside. This variety will cheer up your console or will make a beautiful centerpiece, especially when it is in bloom. Lately, even that it is a little weird, the tendency to put an orchid in the bathroom is in vogue.

The best orchids for the bathroom are those who prefer high humidity, because, given their exotic character, they love the humid environment and steamy room. A great choice are the orchids in low light, in case your bathroom is windowless. Have in mind the varieties of Phalaenopsis, Miltonia, Paphiopedilum, Oncidium, the orchid, and bamboo Dendrobium, Masdevallia, Bulbophyllum and Encyclia.

What conditions create to make an orchid in a bathroom ?

How the bathroom could be an ideal place for the flower having regard to the terms and conditions of the specific growth required by the orchids. Since most of the species of orchids prefer a very humid environment, a relative humidity of 40% to 80% is ideal. However, for a living room does not usually that approximately 30 %, and offices with central heating or air conditioning running all day about 27 %.

This means that the interior spaces usual where we are exhibiting generally our plants tend to be too dry and not enough wet for orchids that rank among the plants moisture-wicking in the house.

On the one hand, and the bathrooms are usually warm and humid, and you’ll have the water you need to irrigate your plants in the vicinity.

On the other hand, a bathroom is darker than other areas and rooms of the house, lack of windows, or taking advantage of the dim light. Thus, the orchids that prefer low light conditions or at least the indirect light of the sun is doing well.

Is it that the bathroom is the best location for an orchid?

While the bathroom is significantly more humid than the rest of the house, you have to remember that its levels of moisture and temperature fluctuate. This means that even if there are a lot of hot and humid air in the room when you shower, it can only last a little while. Taking a shower, the bathroom becomes more cold when it is not being used for hours. It is a factor to be considered mandatory if you choose to season your orchids in the bathroom. To rectify it, or you install a humidifier that will maintain a humidity level appropriate, either you put your orchid on a tray with stones. In this way, it will enjoy a saturation constant.

Unfortunately, the ventilation or air circulation is another problem for the maintenance of orchid in the bathroom. It requires a free flow of air and unobstructed. Small pores, or stomata, which are arranged under the leaves, allow the flower to breathe, because she needs a good gas exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Given that in the room of water you store beauty products and cleaning chemicals, it is necessary to ensure a good air circulation because they are rare exceptions toxic. This was in order to prevent mold and rot to kill your orchid.

Phalaenopsis or butterfly orchid : an example par excellence for the bathroom

Phalaenopsis grows in the shade in its native habitat, which makes it one of the best orchids in low light easy to maintain in a bathroom. Perfect for beginners, an orchid butterfly may be easily grown indoors and remain in flower over a long period of time. In fact, it will produce flowers throughout the year in crescent with a strict minimum. A butterfly orchid will only make one or two new leaves per year. This is what we call the cycle of growth, and when it is completed, a spike with flowers will come out of his rod. This usually occurs in the fall, when the temperatures begin to drop, and the flower begins to enter its dormant phase.

However, if your orchid is grown in the interior of the house, where it is constantly hot, it will not perhaps not realize that the seasons have changed. You may want to simulate the fall inside. You can do this by lowering the temperature for several nights, just enough to trigger a flowering peak.

If your bathroom becomes much colder during the night, you may not have found the perfect place for your butterfly orchid at the beginning of its dormancy. As a general rule, orchids, butterfly bloom from late winter to spring.

When you grow orchids indoors, keep in mind that every house and every bathroom is different. It is therefore important to know to what extent your space is suitable for orchids. Think about whether he will be able to give your orchid the growing conditions it needs, including lighting, temperature and humidity.

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